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There are many reasons why you might want to hold a home contents sale. Clients of companies that organize them include:
  • Estate trustees. Often, the trustee for an estate must sell a home and its contents in order to divide the proceeds among the beneficiaries of a will.
  • People who are downsizing. Often people will move to a smaller house or condo after their children leave home, or for other reasons such as to be nearer a downtown workplace. This necessitates selling some of the contents of their current home.
  • Seniors moving to a seniors' residence. Seniors (or their relatives) can help facilitate the transition to a nursing home by hiring a contents sale company to sell possessions no longer needed.
  • People who are renovating. Renovating or redecorating often renders the house owner's current furnishings obsolete. A contents sale can help to finance new furniture and appliances.
  • Real estate agents. Realtors who are charged with selling a home often choose to have a contents sale before showing the home to prospective buyers.
  • People who are moving. When making a big move, it's prudent to pare belongings down to what's essential. A contents sale can help to finance a move.
  • Couples who are divorcing. Sometimes divorce necessitates liquidating joint assets.
  • Families who are clearing out items no longer used. Most families acquire furnishings along with many other items throughout the years. As these fall out of use, they may end up in the attic, the basement, or the garage. A contents sale helps the sellers reclaim space.
The Professional Advantage
There are a number of reasons why you may want to hire a company specializing in contents sales to run your event. Here are a few of them:
  • To lessen emotional damage. Many of the scenarios described above can be fraught with emotion. It's difficult for those most closely involved to have to spend time sorting through and selling possessions of a loved one who is deceased, for example, or for a senior to see her familiar home stripped of furnishings. By hiring a contents sales company to hold your sale, you can take some of the emotional impact out of these types of life transitions.
  • To increase revenue from your sale. A professional company will have the experience, skills, and contacts necessary to ensure that your event is successful. Better companies will have an up-to-date list of buyers who want to come to events, a team of personnel who know how to price, organize, and sell furnishings and contents, and a system in place for running a sale smoothly.
  • To free your time and energy. Planning, organizing, and executing a contents sale is a big job! Your time and talents are better spent on your own work and relationships.
Cost Effective
Better firms charge a percentage of the revenue from the sale, rather than a flat fee. This means that everyone at the company will be working hard to maximize the profits from your sale. A good professional contents sales company basically pays for itself by increasing revenue.
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